Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope has been greenlit!


Wohoo! Interestingly Steam had greenlit our PC game Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope. We weren’t in the top 100, but as we have read before it’s not just about the votes. This is a good thing, since we too were offered “fake” votes. One such offer was from a group with hundreds of people, stating that they could offer votes in exchange for a promise to provide them with free Steam codes once the game has launched.


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Google featuring report part 2

Hey everyone!

This is a continued post of the first one here:

1sNow we continue to look at statistics related to our sci-fi strategy game Battlestation: First Contact.

highestBattlestationRankingsHere are the highest rankings we managed to achieve before we started falling back down. It was looking pretty good but since the downloads didn’t hold we started falling back down quickly.

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