Wohoo! Interestingly Steam had greenlit our PC game Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope. We weren’t in the top 100, but as we have read before it’s not just about the votes. This is a good thing, since we too were offered “fake” votes. One such offer was from a group with hundreds of people, stating that they could offer votes in exchange for a promise to provide them with free Steam codes once the game has launched.


Above are some statistics for our campaign. The votes ratio was not spectacular, but we feel it is still good considering we did not have game footage to show from the PC game itself. Many were complaining about this during the Kickstarter campaign. So all in all not a bad result! And someone at Steam must have liked the quality of the project enough to see the potential.

GreenlightGraphAbove is our votes graph during the 91 days our campaign was live. As you can see most of the votes and visitors come in the beginning of the campaign, since the campaign icon will be seen by users in the “new entries” list. After that it’s a slow drip, which is fascinating in itself. We had some cross-promotion going on through our web page but nothing major. So it is interesting that people still find the campaign somehow.

We had a boost in December, which can clearly be seen in the graph. Where those votes came from is a mystery, I tried to track it down but couldn’t find anything. During that time I did update our indieDB page, perhaps that contributed to it but I’m still a bit doubtful of that.

As for our future plans, well now we have to get the game made! We are in a bit of a pickle with our company but we will surely try our best to get the game done. Stay tuned!

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