I want to tell you a story. A story of fantastic people.

3 years ago we started a mobile game company together with my brother. We took inspiration from our childhood and started making a game, with dog characters flying around in air planes and battling it out in the sky. We also wanted to do something different, and so we implemented features in the game that would support charity by donating a sum of our proceeds.

We worked hard for 9 months only to see the game be a complete flop. It was a bit devastating after putting so much effort into it but we didn’t want to give up, so we started on a new one. A new dog game! This time it would be much more simple and better, or so we thought. We got a good amount of downloads to it but it failed to monetize much at all…

During this time we needed music for our new game, and found some truly awesome music on http://opengameart.org/users/ovemelaa, for free! This music compared to Hans Zimmer in epicness, and it was free! We couldn’t believe it, who was this guy? I had to contact him and thank him for his music. Turns out we hit it off and became friends over the Internet.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to present you with this:

The music you hear and the sound effects are made by this great guy, a guy by the name of Ove Melaa. Not only did he help us with the music, completely free, but he also found a wonderful woman to do the Artificial Intelligence voice over. And guess what! She was so excited by the project she didn’t ask for any money. Unfortunately she only had an iPhone to record with and the quality suffered for it. So she went and bought a new mic to record with. We were able to help with half the price of $100.

I have not met these people in real life, but their willingness to help without pay is astonishing, there really are awesome people out there. I feel games are perfect at bringing talent together, creating something truly unique. When passion is present so much great things start to happen, and people just want to be part of it.

Both Ove Melaa and Lucy Black are part of a synth group on Facebook, go check them out!
Lucy Blacks band Blazestation: http://blazestation.bandcamp.com/
Interview with me at Neon Vice: http://www.neonvice.com/battlestation.html
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