I’m an indie game developer and let me tell you why it’s so great.

I’m an indie game developer and let me tell you why it’s so great. Looking back now normal life was always boring to me, it was never enough. Sure, I found some things fascinating, but I always wanted more. That’s why I escaped to my imagination.

When I was young I would climb small hills on cold winter days, fight the ice and try to make it to the top. I was conquering Mount Everest humming some epic tune to myself as I struggled on. I would hear my friend talk to another boy and say: “Yeah, he always does that”.

Many times I wished you could see what I saw right in front of me, the visions I had. I wished I had a button that could show that world to you. I would be listening to some music and a whole movie would play out in front of me, the characters and the plot were born right there and then. And you know what, this movie was fantastic! Sadly I didn’t have a button back then, and the movie played out only to fade away forever without anyone else seeing it.

I’m so happy to say that I found the button I didn’t think exists. That button resides in all the amazingly talented people I have come to know. It’s formed by all of them working together, and it’s even more magical than I could have ever believed, because instead of showing just my imagination it mixes all the imaginations together from everyone involved.

There is a quote in a movie that says everyone were meant to shine, just like children do. I find this to be so true, I think everyone one of us wants to do something they are passionate about. I love my job, and I want to help others find something they love too. Our newest game Battlestation has given me the ability to do so, this game desperately needs talent to make it real. And people are responding, it almost feels like the game itself has a gravity pulling people towards it. When we started working on battlestation we were 3 people, now there are 8 people involved in one way or the other.

Call it chance, luck or whatever but the game now has an author writing a book for it, a graphic artist drawing characters and illustrations, 2 musicians working for free and an awesome lady giving voice to the games Artificial Intelligence called Eden. And you guessed it, she is not doing it for the money. In my mind this really proves that people out there want to be part of creative projects, but they are often stuck in their tedious jobs and don’t really have a chance to do something else.

I have met so many people in my life, I have talked with them and asked about what they do. It’s such a shame but most often they just tell me what they do is ok, or that they don’t really know what they want yet. That’s why I feel so lucky, even though my life is often stressful because the pressure is always there. But I’m lucky enough to be part of something I really find interesting, create something and show it to the world. And it’s not just my idea, it’s every ones imagination mixing together forming something better than I could ever imagine alone.

There are so many talented people out there with amazing creations, whether it’s music, art or something else. They deserve to be seen, and I think indie games are one step in the right direction. Our work can bring so many people and art forms together, and make each one of us shine a little bit brighter.

I really hope I will be part of this scene for a long time to come, and be able to unite people with passion to create something together. Today you can call me Admiral Geezer, the commander of Battlestation, tomorrow I might be someone entirely different.


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  1. Hi, I’m Tomo in South Korea.

    I also working in this scene as game project manager and business manager who care game publishing and business model.

    I played “battlestation first contact” yesterday. It was really fun.
    hope you to make other battlestation again. and I also want to make this kind of game by myself.


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