One of the first channels your eyes fixate towards as an indie developer regarding marketing are the Android gadgets and apps centered websites. Once you have sent out 100 e-mails and got responses from 5 asking for money, your mood might be a little deflated. Is this how the mobile game marketing world works? You bet! If a website is starting to get a lot of traffic they will quickly be looking for ways to monetize. We have had a couple of successes of getting our game featured without paying, but it is hard work.

So which websites are the ones to concentrate on, and which ones are even worth paying for? Here are our experiences with our free2play games:

Without cost:

  1. Androidiani (No cost) – An italian Android site. They wrote about us without us even asking and this site gave us the best results we have ever seen with an Android site. 1200 downloads from Italy the day the article showed up. Around 800 the next and 2000-2500 downloads in total.
  2. Bestappsmarket (No cost) – An application within the google store that reviews Android games for customers. 300-600 installs daily when we were featured by them. We got lucky with the featuring and could not repeat success with our second game.
  3. Droid-life (No cost) – One of the journalists spotted our successful reddit post and decided to do a shotout in a video and on their site. 300 downloads from them that day.
  4. Baixaki (No cost) – A brazilian Android website. They also just picked up our first game. With the second game we wrote to them and managed to get that one in there as well. 200-300/day and an estimation of 1000 – 2000 installs in total.
  5. Androidauthority – They are great guys and to my knowledge the website is quite big. We managed to contact one journalist through twitter. We estimate around 100-200 downloads from them, being on the front page over a weekend. If you visit their site you will see their material is very heavily based on Devices and Applications. This might be the reason for a poor conversion to Ace Tales.

What we payed for:

  1. Androidpit  (Cost 250-300€) – Androidpit had many languages to choose from, each one costing extra. We had best success with side, giving us 300-400 downloads. When you compare it with the cost that is about 0,50-1,00€/install.
  2. Androidtapp (Cost around $130) – Their website has changed recently, it looked better a year ago. We decided to try them out but unfortunately we couldn’t see any changes in our downloads. At the time we were getting 1000 downloads/day.
  3. Droidgamers (Cost around $100) – Games concentrated website. Their article did not show us any rise in downloads either.
  4. Tapscape (Cost $89) – Tapscape is another game site we decided to try out. They promise an review within 7 days if you pay, and they kept their promise. Unfortunately we did not see any visible effect with downloads regarding this website as well.

As you can see the amounts of downloads you can achieve from Android websites are not huge. There are still some websites we haven’t succeeded with and would like to get some data from, like Gamezebo.

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